Taking control of people’s minds... We often associate this with the North-Korean and other communist propaganda.
But what about the enormous amount of images in our daily lives with Western capitalistic values?
For example the images we see in advertisements and movies? Are we not being educated by them on a daily basis?

The important difference is that we have the freedom to choose what we want to see. But to what extent?
And why should we be influenced and do the things that others tell us to do? And who or what are these ‘others’?

I am interested in how media works, and how it is used to influence the mass. So I often use existing images combined with my own.
One of the focus would be the discrepancy between the world in images and our daily lives.
Even though we are well aware of the fact that it is practically impossible to live the lives that are shown to us,
we still take in the presented ideas unconsciously.

I use diverse media for my work: videos, installations, books or photographs.
By creating work, I want to discover patterns in our society and find an answer for me to understand the world.